Careers at ProField

Join us and be a part of an exciting journey! We are seeking skilled individuals from all over the world to collaborate and innovate with us. We’re a team of makers who celebrate our differences and share a passion If you're passionate about tech industory and ready to make an impact, come join our global community of visionaries. Embrace the unique experience of working in Japan, where tradition meets cutting-edge innovation. Let's create the future together!

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Our Values

Bright and Radiant

We embrace a positive and uplifting spirit, spreading warmth and enthusiasm in everything we  do.

Resilient and Persistent

We never give up, facing challenges with unwavering determination to achieve our goals.

Continuously Challenging

We are a team that thrives on pushing boundaries, constantly seeking new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Be an entrepreneur of the mission.

Always maintain an entrepreneurial mindset to reject complacency. Pursue efficiency and simplicity. Reduce unnecessary procedures. Stay open and humble.